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Fernando de Noronha is the Brazilian Hawaii in the summer

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, located at four degrees south of the equator, holds the best conditions to surf between the months of November to March. During this period, Noronha is filled with ripples generated by the winter in North Atlantic arriving in full force to the "inner sea" of the main island. The "North Shore," as it is called the side where the beaches such as Cacimba do Padre, Boldró, Cachorro, Conceição, Abras and other peaks, often receive large tubular and perfect waves. It is said that some days, they can reach three meters, and during the undertows the sea gets "stormy", only being possible to surf in Abras, Ruro and Porto, far north in the island.
Cacimba do Padre, the favorite beach of ten out of ten surfers visiting Noronha, is the most famous for being a sandy bottom of tubular and similar waves of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Championships are held in Cacimba and Abras, this considered the best wave of the island, it is a stone background with large and perfect waves to the left.

Hawaii - The differential of surfing in Noronha when compared to the rest of the country, is the period when the waves roll. While at the Brazilian coast the sea is small, Noronha becomes the "Brazilian Hawaii" in the same period of the season on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. All of this combined with natural beauty and water transparency makes Noronha a 'gringo peak "in the relaxed language of surfers. As if this were not enough, sharks, which are scary in every beach of the world, coexist peacefully with surfers and sunbathers.

At Cacimba, they show up once in a while and nobody gets scared. At Sueste, with the water on the waistline, it is possible to see small sharks passing through the feet or swim along at the rock borders.


Cacimba do Padre

Only experienced surfers risk themselves to enter. Above this size, it is considered over control and the bay is fully closed. Tubing is a maneuver in Cacimba. It breaks in both ways, in sandy bottom and waves from 2-5 meters.



Next to the Cacimba, a perfect two-meter break to the right.



Dangerous surf conditions, intensified by a shallow coral bottom at low tide. The ripples go big and there are two peaks, enabling surfing to the right or left with two peaks and perfect waves of two meters.



The favorite of the natives and more sociable because of its location (near the Vila dos Remédios and Floresta Nova). There are bars and waves of two meters for both sides in sandy bottom.


Praia do Cachorro

Breaks at low tide in front of a rocky shore. It has waves all over the place, but right on the corner stone is the best. It reminds the Off the Wall in Hawaii. It has sandy bottom and waves of two meters for both sides.



The best waves on the island. A long, massive and perfect left breaking over a rocky bottom. Hard to get in and out of the sea. Intense crowd. In front of Ruro, massive wave and extense on the left.



A large extense right, it breaks next to the couscous rock, in front of Abras. A little forgotten by surfers, but it provides a high-level surfing. Good to escape the crowd of Abras.



Rarely breaks in undertows, big to the left.



Dangerous breaks to the left in undertows in front of a big shore next to the port.



Breaks in undertows, small.

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